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4 Steps to Better Web Results:
1. Web Design That Works
2. Drive Qualified Traffic
3. Convert Traffic Into Customers
4. Ensure Profitability

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STEP 2 Ė Being Found Where the People are Looking
for Construction and Home Improvement Contractors

Where have all the customers gone?

You may have already noticed that the amount of business the yellow pages brings you is drastically diminishing. In the past the yellow pages was a great way for contractors to generate leads, but now for some reason itís run dry. This is not because the customers have disappeared. The reason the yellow pages has run dry is because who can even remember where they put the thing; And why would they go and get it when most of them are already in front of a computer. It is far easier to do a Google search or visit a directory website then to go flipping through a yellow book.

You are now left with two options

When a marketing channel runs dry there are two things that you can do. First, you can sulk and complain that business is tough and let your personal life suffer. Or second, you can ask yourself where have my leads gone and how can I get them back. If youíre looking to fish where the fish are then itís critical that you rank in the search engines.

But Search Engine Marketing is complicated

Search Engine Marketing can be complicated and there are a lot of different things to know. This is why we walk you through what weíre doing while we do it. We also take care of it for you so you donít have to.

Types of Search Engine Marketing

There are two main areas of search engine marketing Ė paid search and organic search. We can provide you with either strategy or both to ensure that you are continuously driving qualified traffic to your website. This will allow you to rank in the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK, and all of the smaller search engines as well. We make sure to start our campaigns small and then build upon our success so that you can experience the growth that you desire.

Dominating the Internet

As you begin to receive results from the increase in online traffic we can begin to expand your strategy. Through the use of blogs, directories, banner advertising, and other online marketing techniques we are able to slowly dominate your market. Market domination means that wherever a prospect goes online to look for a service that you provide, you show up. By showing up everywhere, you increase your credibility and increase the traffic to your site.

As the traffic floods into your site, it is now important that you are able to convert prospects into leads/sales.

Take the next step

If youíre ready to take your website and internet marketing to the next level, the next step is simple. Fill in our contact us form, or call 510-687-9737 to set up an Internet Business Analysis. This analysis is a face to face meeting where we begin to understand your business so we can discover how to improve your results.

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